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Can improve blood flow to the penis, create stronger erections, improve sensation and performance, and even increase penile length and girth.

Treatment for:

    Peyronie’s Disease- A condition that causes curved erections
    Loss of sensitivity in the penis which can adversely affect enjoyment or ability to perform sex
    Erectile Dysfunction- this is a problem that is far more common than you may expect, you are now alone!

Benefits of the P-shot for men:

    Larger in both terms of girth and length (Noticed immediately in some cases)
    Stronger erections than you have ever had before, even when they were at your sexual peak.
    A decrease in the effects of Peyronie’s disease
    Increased blood flow and circulation in the penis
    Enhanced effects of ED medications, and other male sexual health therapies, if used after the Priapus shot (P-shot)
    Enhanced sensitivity and overall enjoyment of sexual intercourse